Q1. What is the difference between consulting and advising?

A1. Consulting is typically considered a process to help a company uncover a specific problem and arrive at a solution. Advising is a longer-term relationship. The Advisor provides detailed deep dive analysis, directs the clients through customized action items and holds the clients accountable throughout the advising relationship, all geared towards becoming the best in the industry.

Q2. How do I become a Strategic Advising Client?

A2. There is a multi-step client selection process.

Q3. What happens if I apply and do not qualify as a client?

A3. If you are not accepted as a client you will be given one re-apply opportunity.

Q4. If selected as a client, can my company’s leadership and staff participate in Live Group Strategic Advising Sessions?

A4. No, Live Sessions are one-to-one with the Top Ranking leader within the organization.

Q5. Once selected as a client, are there limits to the number of Live Sessions a client can have?

A5. Yes, selected clients can have no more than one Live Session in a 30-day time-frame due to our “lock-out” policy.

Q6. What is the “lock out” policy?

A6. To ensure we’re providing “customized advice,” we conduct a select number of  Live Sessions for clients per industry, per-month. Once we’ve reached the maximum number within an industry, clients are placed on our “waitlist,” until there is an industry opening.

Q7. Can I be terminated as a client?

A7. Yes, after being selected as a client you’ll be provided with the client termination guidelines.

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