Client Selection

We are committed to excellence!

As a result, we have a multi-step Client Selection Process.

Min Qualifications to Apply:

Entrepreneurs: 3-years in business, 20 or more employees & annual revenue of $6M.

Industry Leaders: 5-years industry experience, published author, & annual revenue of $3M.

To review a list of Qualifying Industries CLICK HERE.

To begin Client Selection, submit the following information:

Send an email to:

Subject Line: Client Selection

Email Body:

  1. Full Name
  2. Company Name
  3. Title
  4. Website
  5. Industry
  6. Years in Business
  7. Publications (Industry Leaders Only)
  8. Social Media Platforms
  9. Number of Staff/Employees
  10. Provide 5 examples of when 1 +1 ⍯ 2 (does NOT equal)

After reviewing your submission, a staff member will follow up with you regarding the next step in the client selection process.